HairOlicious review + giveaway! softer hair.. thicker lashes?!


it’s been awhile since we’ve had a review and/or giveaway around these parts, so i finally cleared enough of my schedule to sit my butt down and get this one together already.

quite some time ago, i got an email from a young lady asking if i’d be interested in trying and reviewing her hair and body product, called HairOlicious.

i was initially skeptical because the product basically consists of only two ingredients:  coconut oil and aloe vera gel. i definitely appreciate simplicity in my hair products, but i was like… that’s it?  really?  what’s keeping me from just going to whole foods, buying my own coconut oil and aloe vera gel, and making this on my own?  why would i pay 10 bucks plus shipping and handling for something that i can probably make myself?  and how amazing can such a simple product really be? but i gave it a fair shot anyway.

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