asked & answered: what do i do about my ‘mixed girl hair?!’

thislionsmane asked:

not sure if you’ve answered something like this question before, I’m new to your blog, but what is your take on mixed natural hair? I’m Black, Irish, and Native American and typically wear my hair in it’s kinky curly unruly form…BUT it’s hardly a breeze in that state, I have to wash (condition at least) or wet it everyday to get the curl back and after 2 days it’s so dry and tangled…(it turns to a frizzy cotton ball poof when I sleep even if I wrap it) my hair is very fine. When I blow dry and flat iron it out it’s straight like a white girls hair, oily roots and all! I guess what I’m wondering is; is there a ‘natural’ middle ground for mixed hair??

hello, you lion maned wonder!

i wish i had an easy answer full of good news for you, but unfortunately, i don’t.  i don’t have BAD news for you, but when we have hair problems, we all want to know that there’s a magic wand we can wave that will bippity boppity boo all our woes away.  unfortunately that’s not the case, for you or any other naturals.  sorry 😦

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giveaway: Flowers From Fatima

hey, yall!  welcome to our last giveaway of the year!  our featured product comes from young entrepreneur Fatima, CEO of Flowers From Fatima.

one of my personal favorites, the Regal Rouge hair comb

one of the funnest things about natural hair, in my opinion, is accessorizing.  headbands, shells, earrings–kinks, coils, and curls carry it all so well!  especially bright, colorful flowers.  or matte, muted flowers.  whatever the style, flowers definitely accentuate the natural beauty in natural hair, and the Flowers From Fatima collection has some very stunning floral pieces.  we’re thrilled to be giving away this *gorgeous* golden sunflower hair clip!

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asked & answered: my hair is NEVER moisturized enough!

chicagoredline asked:

I feel like my hair is NEVER moisturized enough! like its great day one of the twist out but not day one night! and my hair texture is changing. What would you suggest??

ah, yes.  the greedy, thirsty, never-satisfied hair problem.  i’m right there with you, sister, and especially as winter approaches with its cold, dry air, it’s important that we keep our tendrils as moisturized as possible.  here are a few things that might convince your hair to hold on to some of that precious life-giving liquid:

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