giveaway: Flowers From Fatima

hey, yall!  welcome to our last giveaway of the year!  our featured product comes from young entrepreneur Fatima, CEO of Flowers From Fatima.

one of my personal favorites, the Regal Rouge hair comb

one of the funnest things about natural hair, in my opinion, is accessorizing.  headbands, shells, earrings–kinks, coils, and curls carry it all so well!  especially bright, colorful flowers.  or matte, muted flowers.  whatever the style, flowers definitely accentuate the natural beauty in natural hair, and the Flowers From Fatima collection has some very stunning floral pieces.  we’re thrilled to be giving away this *gorgeous* golden sunflower hair clip!

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asked & answered: my hair is NEVER moisturized enough!

chicagoredline asked:

I feel like my hair is NEVER moisturized enough! like its great day one of the twist out but not day one night! and my hair texture is changing. What would you suggest??

ah, yes.  the greedy, thirsty, never-satisfied hair problem.  i’m right there with you, sister, and especially as winter approaches with its cold, dry air, it’s important that we keep our tendrils as moisturized as possible.  here are a few things that might convince your hair to hold on to some of that precious life-giving liquid:

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asked & answered: where did my curls go?!?!!

dolceinscence asked:

Heyy! I just recently got my hair straightened and I thought i was gonna die when i washed it and my curls were close to non-exsistent, How long does it usually take for them to bounce back? I have very thick type 3b/3c hair. its been maybe 3 weeks and its still not curling up the same:( I never thought i would miss the thickness of my hair until now.

Firstly, let me lend you my condolences. I know that exact feeling of hysteria while waiting on your hair to snap back after it’s been straightened. this is the very reason that I pretty much only straighten my hair a handful of times a year, even in winter–because it feels like such a gamble doesn’t it?!! sure everything went well last time, but what if THIS time is the time that your curls are ironed out for good?? It has happened! I hear stories all the time about women who straightened their hair once and their precious curls were never seen again. This fear is what keeps me from only straightening my hair only a handful of times each year.

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congratulations to our newest winner: Amber! + special subscriber only giveaway!

congrats to blog commenter Amber! you’ve been chosen at random as the winner of the Bear Fruit Hair moisturizer giveaway!! please email me at to claim your prize!  you have until Wednesday, September 14th to get at me!

EVERYONE, PLEASE NOTE: when you win a giveaway, you MUST keep an eye on this tumblr or the Natural Hair Problems blog (or my twitter feed) to be notified of your win! I cannot hunt you down! you have one week to email me with your shipping information to actually receive your winnings, otherwise it’ll be featured in another giveaway, just like I’m bout to do with this unclaimed Darcy’s Botanicals Watermelon Oil.  and as a matter of fact, let’s give that oil away right now!

since the winner never emailed me to claim her prize, it’s up for grabs again.  this time, only subscribers of this blog are eligible to win.  i will tell you that there are less than 10 subscribers as of now, so you small handful of souls have a have a GREAT chance of winning!  to subscribe, mosey on over to the right hand side of this page and hit the “sign me up!” button.  yall have until the end of this week to subscribe!  on saturday, i’ll be emailing subscribers with instructions on how to win and what to do.

you don’t have to, of course, but if you don’t, then no delicious watermelon oil for you!!

asked & answered: the wash & go

Anonymous asked:

I just can’t do a good wash & go to save my life! Do you do them? How do you do yours, what process?

As someone submitted as a natural hair problem a while ago, a wash-n-go isn’t really a wash-n-got for many naturals, myself included.  My process isn’t the simplest out there, but it works well for me, which is good because it’s pretty much the only hairstyle I can do.  Here’s what I do and what I use:

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product review & giveaway: Bear Fruit Hair Shea n’ Fruit Conditioner & Leave-In

welcome to the first product review and second product giveaway at the NHP Blog!  i’ve been using Bear Fruit Hair‘s Shea n’ Fruit Conditioner & Leave-In Moisturizer for the last few weeks, but before i get into the product, i want to talk a little bit about the company because it makes me feel all warm and tingly inside.

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Darcy’s Botanicals giveaway winner announced!

i was supposed to pick a winner last wednesday but i’ve been a little busy and it slipped my mind.. sorry!

congratulations to miss deonna!  you were picked at random to receive a free bottle of DB’s watermelon seed oil!  you have until friday to email me with your preferred shipping address at  if i don’t hear from you, i pick another winner!

new giveaway from Bear Fruit Hair coming up this week.. stay tuned!