asked & answered: i miss my perm! what do i do?!

Al Sharpton understands, girl.

unfortunately, i forgot to publish the first part of this question. the lovely writer sent a  question asking for advice on what to do about her hair.  it’s her second BC and she finds herself missing her perm (who hasn’t been there, am i right?!).  i asked what she missed most about it; this is her response:

well it was more predictable. It was longer. I think I miss the length the most, and I know my hair will grow, but it seems to be taking forever..

got it.  you’re definitely right about predictability… my hair will do any and everything it wants to, inspite of what i try to get it to do.  you can kind of never tell if a style will turn out the way it did last time, if it’ll be too dry this week, or what.  and as far as hair not growing fast enough, i’m fairly certain that like 95% of naturals felt that way at some point, if not now.

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asked & answered: tips for transitioners


Anonymous asked:

Hi! first off i love this blog! right now i am transitioning, and i’m about half-way along. any tips?

i’m so glad u like the site, and congratulations on transitioning (if congratulations are given for that sort of thing)!  i transitioned forEVER–nearly two years–and now that i’ve been on the other side for almost three years, I think i can lend you a few pointers.

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