HairOlicious review + giveaway! softer hair.. thicker lashes?!


it’s been awhile since we’ve had a review and/or giveaway around these parts, so i finally cleared enough of my schedule to sit my butt down and get this one together already.

quite some time ago, i got an email from a young lady asking if i’d be interested in trying and reviewing her hair and body product, called HairOlicious.

i was initially skeptical because the product basically consists of only two ingredients:  coconut oil and aloe vera gel. i definitely appreciate simplicity in my hair products, but i was like… that’s it?  really?  what’s keeping me from just going to whole foods, buying my own coconut oil and aloe vera gel, and making this on my own?  why would i pay 10 bucks plus shipping and handling for something that i can probably make myself?  and how amazing can such a simple product really be? but i gave it a fair shot anyway.

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how about a giveaway, hm?

hello, everybody!

it’s been awhile since there’s been an update here.. mostly because i’ve been busy getting the tumblr blog all caught up.  since i’m making such good progress there (got the inbox down from 400+ messages to 130.. yay!) i thought i’d celebrate with a little giveaway!

up for grabs:  a 4 ounce bottle of Darcy’s Botanicals Organic Coconut & Hibiscus Natural Hair Conditioning Oil.

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asked & answered: my hair is NEVER moisturized enough!

chicagoredline asked:

I feel like my hair is NEVER moisturized enough! like its great day one of the twist out but not day one night! and my hair texture is changing. What would you suggest??

ah, yes.  the greedy, thirsty, never-satisfied hair problem.  i’m right there with you, sister, and especially as winter approaches with its cold, dry air, it’s important that we keep our tendrils as moisturized as possible.  here are a few things that might convince your hair to hold on to some of that precious life-giving liquid:

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asked & answered: the wash & go

Anonymous asked:

I just can’t do a good wash & go to save my life! Do you do them? How do you do yours, what process?

As someone submitted as a natural hair problem a while ago, a wash-n-go isn’t really a wash-n-got for many naturals, myself included.  My process isn’t the simplest out there, but it works well for me, which is good because it’s pretty much the only hairstyle I can do.  Here’s what I do and what I use:

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product review & giveaway: Bear Fruit Hair Shea n’ Fruit Conditioner & Leave-In

welcome to the first product review and second product giveaway at the NHP Blog!  i’ve been using Bear Fruit Hair‘s Shea n’ Fruit Conditioner & Leave-In Moisturizer for the last few weeks, but before i get into the product, i want to talk a little bit about the company because it makes me feel all warm and tingly inside.

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asked & answered: moisturizing product suggestions

mylife-ahecticmaze asked:

hey i’d like to know some good natural hair products too. i have 4c type hair and it gets dry easily, i need something that can hold moisture and that can heal damaged hair. i have a lot of heat damage and im trying to get rid of that. can u help me out by naming some good products. mainly a shampoo and conditioner, and other stuff to use for styling like gels and conditioners/hair pomades.

okay, first things first.  i have to give everybody my disclaimer.  i am NOT a professional stylist.  im not even an unprofessional stylist.  i can barely do my own hair half the time.  i offer you no guarantees; i can just tell you about things i’ve tried and what has worked or hasn’t worked for my own hair (and as you know, all hair is different!).  if you try something you read about here and all your hair falls out or you just look a mess, that’s on you!

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