so one of the reasons that i started this little blog was because i was getting a LOT of questions about hair and advice that i never expected to get.  i didn’t want to just leave them unanswered, but i didn’t want to clutter the NHP tumblr with them either.  so now they’ll be answered here!

PLEASE NOTE:  i am NOT a professional.  there is LOTS that i don’t know about many things, hair included.  take nothing i say here as gospel; i am not a lawyer, therapist, or professional stylist.  when it comes to hair, i can only tell you what has worked for me and offer advice that you don’t have to take.  if you do, it’s all on you.

(translation:  you can’t be mad at or sue me if you try something you read here and end up looking like a troll doll stuck her finger in an electrical socket.)

click here to submit your questions/comments/natural hair problems via the tumblr site, or click here to email me.


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