new giveaway & review: Whipped products!

giveaway number two! (check out giveaway number one here!)

if you’re familiar with the realm of “black twitter,” chances are you’ve heard of a new line of natural hair and body products from a line called Whipped.  it was recently launched by a young lady named Lauren (on twitter, @whippedqueen), natural living enthusiast and native of Cincinnati, OH.  ive had the pleasure of e-knowing this young lady for some years now, and i jumped at the chance to try the new line and spread the word to my fellow naturals.

Whipped is a shea butter based line and includes products for everything from hair to bady to tattoos (and she recently added a beard cream for the fellas).  i know a lot of naturals love shea butter, and a big appeal of these products is the variety of scents offered.  in my experience, it’s kind of hard to make shea butter not smell like shea butter, but the rave reviews on twitter all sing the praises of scents like lavanilla (a lavender and vanilla blend) and dragon’s blood (“an alluring blend of warm amber, madagascar vanilla, jasmine, & blood orange”).

i tried out three products:  the hair butter, lemon verbena body butter, and the scalp therapy cream.  before i proceed, i should admit that i don’t typically use shea butter in my hair because it’s a bit too heavy for my liking–in wash & gos (which is how i typically wear my hair), it weighs my hair down too much, and makes me very paranoid about build-up.  i was surprised at how significantly lighter the texture of the Whipped hair butter is compared to other whipped butters.  it’s definitely the fluffiest i’ve felt.  i still wasn’t bold enough to try it in a wash & go, but i do occasionally use shea butter in twist outs, so i decided to give the Whipped butter a run.  sure enough, it gave good hold and helped reduce frizz.  can’t beat that!  i also got good results when i used it on my dry hair to tame and lay my edges.  shea butter is always good for that.

the body butter is definitely effective for the moisturizing of your situation.  i slathered some on after a particularly steamy shower before bed, and i stayed soft and supple well into the next day.  it penetrates dry skin very well–always necessary for the heels during sandal season.

the scalp therapy i actually can’t testify too much on because for one, to see long term results i’m sure you have to use it regularly for a little while, and two, i can’t oil my scalp. lol.  i havent even SEEN my scalp in about 4 years, so parting my hair to apply a product is just something my soul doesn’t have the constitution for.  but!  i can speculate that it is, as promised, great for hair growth, given that it contains some stuff proven to stimulate the scalp and push some new growth out of it–castor oil, coconut oil, and rosemary.  i’ll be using it in my edges/hairline to thicken things up there.

in conclusion, if shea butter has ever done anything good for you, chances are you’ll fall in love with Whipped products.  just search for @whippedproducts on twitter to see what everyone is saying, then get your hands on some and try it for yourself!

and let us help with a giveaway!

we’re giving away three–count em–THREE 4 ounce Whipped products:  a hair butter, body butter, and sugar scrub.  they could be yours, free!  all you have to do to enter is at least one of the following (the more actions you complete, the more entries you get and the greater your chance of winning!)

  • leave a comment HERE telling us which Whipped scent you’d be most interested in if you were placing an order today.
  • follow @whippedproducts on twitter and tweet the following message: “I hate being ashy so I entered to win some FREE goodies from @whippedproducts & @brokeymcpoverty! RT to win!”
  • if you have Tumblr, reblog this post for an additional chance to win.
  • like the above Tumblr post, too, for an extra chance!

that’s it!  you got hella chances to win, yo!  get on it!


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