new giveaway & review: Whipped products!

giveaway number two! (check out giveaway number one here!)

if you’re familiar with the realm of “black twitter,” chances are you’ve heard of a new line of natural hair and body products from a line called Whipped.  it was recently launched by a young lady named Lauren (on twitter, @whippedqueen), natural living enthusiast and native of Cincinnati, OH.  ive had the pleasure of e-knowing this young lady for some years now, and i jumped at the chance to try the new line and spread the word to my fellow naturals.

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HairOlicious review + giveaway! softer hair.. thicker lashes?!


it’s been awhile since we’ve had a review and/or giveaway around these parts, so i finally cleared enough of my schedule to sit my butt down and get this one together already.

quite some time ago, i got an email from a young lady asking if i’d be interested in trying and reviewing her hair and body product, called HairOlicious.

i was initially skeptical because the product basically consists of only two ingredients:  coconut oil and aloe vera gel. i definitely appreciate simplicity in my hair products, but i was like… that’s it?  really?  what’s keeping me from just going to whole foods, buying my own coconut oil and aloe vera gel, and making this on my own?  why would i pay 10 bucks plus shipping and handling for something that i can probably make myself?  and how amazing can such a simple product really be? but i gave it a fair shot anyway.

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congratulations, kameeka!!

a winner of our Darcy’s Botanicals giveaway has been chosen!  congratulations to kameeka, tumblr user acoustique-soul!

you’ve got ONE WEEK to send me an email at with your shipping information!  if, for some reason, i don’t get it in that week’s time, your winnings will be given to a RANDOM SUBSCRIBER OF THE NHP WORDPRESS BLOG.  (so, if you’re not subscribed, you might want to think about it… people fail to claim their stuff all the time, and subscribers get to pick up the goodies!)

congrats, kameeka!  email me ASAP to claim your goodies!  and you HAVE to let me know how you like/dislike it!!

how about a giveaway, hm?

hello, everybody!

it’s been awhile since there’s been an update here.. mostly because i’ve been busy getting the tumblr blog all caught up.  since i’m making such good progress there (got the inbox down from 400+ messages to 130.. yay!) i thought i’d celebrate with a little giveaway!

up for grabs:  a 4 ounce bottle of Darcy’s Botanicals Organic Coconut & Hibiscus Natural Hair Conditioning Oil.

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asked & answered: what do i do about my ‘mixed girl hair?!’

thislionsmane asked:

not sure if you’ve answered something like this question before, I’m new to your blog, but what is your take on mixed natural hair? I’m Black, Irish, and Native American and typically wear my hair in it’s kinky curly unruly form…BUT it’s hardly a breeze in that state, I have to wash (condition at least) or wet it everyday to get the curl back and after 2 days it’s so dry and tangled…(it turns to a frizzy cotton ball poof when I sleep even if I wrap it) my hair is very fine. When I blow dry and flat iron it out it’s straight like a white girls hair, oily roots and all! I guess what I’m wondering is; is there a ‘natural’ middle ground for mixed hair??

hello, you lion maned wonder!

i wish i had an easy answer full of good news for you, but unfortunately, i don’t.  i don’t have BAD news for you, but when we have hair problems, we all want to know that there’s a magic wand we can wave that will bippity boppity boo all our woes away.  unfortunately that’s not the case, for you or any other naturals.  sorry 😦

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asked & answered: i miss my perm! what do i do?!

Al Sharpton understands, girl.

unfortunately, i forgot to publish the first part of this question. the lovely writer sent a  question asking for advice on what to do about her hair.  it’s her second BC and she finds herself missing her perm (who hasn’t been there, am i right?!).  i asked what she missed most about it; this is her response:

well it was more predictable. It was longer. I think I miss the length the most, and I know my hair will grow, but it seems to be taking forever..

got it.  you’re definitely right about predictability… my hair will do any and everything it wants to, inspite of what i try to get it to do.  you can kind of never tell if a style will turn out the way it did last time, if it’ll be too dry this week, or what.  and as far as hair not growing fast enough, i’m fairly certain that like 95% of naturals felt that way at some point, if not now.

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congrats to our Flowers From Fatima contest winner!

the lucky winner of our contest is *drumroll*

Lawanda Stevenson (@mslawanda), of the blog As the Wind Blows!

WOOO!  congrats lady ma’am!  you get somethin pretty for your hair!

okay, Lawanda.  listen up.  this is very very important.  to claim you prize, you MUST email me by THIS FRIDAY, December 30th at!!!  if i don’t hear from you by then, we’ll have to draw another winner.

thanks to everyone who participated!  stay tuned for more tips, tricks, and giveaways!!